Church Partnerships

Churches can help partner with Oasis in three major ways.

PRAY. Every church can be praying for this invaluable community program. Oasis isn’t a “youth group” in the classical sense of the term. Many of the students come to the program simply because their friends are there or there’s nothing to do after school. That being said, issues faith may be the furthest thing from their minds. Pray for the kids. You can also join our prayer team here.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT. This program is completely free to students; and, in order to make it happen, we need financial support from community churches. A small monthly contribution could help go towards snacks, supplies and even scholarships to go to events and camps. Please get in touch with our director, Paul Mannino at, if your church would like to start financially supporting this worthwhile ministry. We also have an Amazon wish list that we update regularly of supplies that your church could purchase in order to benefit our program.

JOIN THE TEAM. Perhaps you or someone in your church would like to join our team. As of now, we have a dedicated team of adults from four different churches– Cornerstone, Trinity, Church on the Hill, and Beacon. Perhaps your church would like to send representatives. You can find out more about joining our team here.