Our Team

Currently, our team is comprised of twelve adults from the community. Each has completed necessary background checks and trainings. We are protective of the kids who attend Oasis.

The 2021-22 Team (in alphabetical order):

  • Anne Herrlin (2nd from left)
  • Bob Markel (2nd from right)
  • Josiah Wendling (1st on the right)
  • Mary Kate Mannino (4th on the left)
  • Nate Herrlin (1st on the left)
  • Paul Mannino (in the middle)
  • Phyllis Herrlin (not pictured)
  • Rick Herrlin (3rd from the right)
  • Seth Noggle (4th from the right)
  • Soni Diaz (not pictured)
  • Tajé Parks (not pictured)
  • Wendy Winters (3rd from the left)

If you would like to join our team, you can find out how to do so here.